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What to Get a Guy for Christmas (HINT: Some bada$$ sunglass straps and other cool stuff)

by Matthew Cohen December 16, 2013

That age-old holiday headache… what to get the dude that has everything.  Not to worry we are here to help.

1.  Campfire Cologne  ($12)

We aren’t sure dudes have any business wearing perfume but Campfire Cologne is a little different.  It brings all of the campfire smell in the portability and convenience of a match stick.  Light it, wave it around, and carry that glorious campfire smell with you.  Pretty simple.  The Campfire Cologne crew describes it more poetically than we ever will…

Campfire Cologne is the Tried and True scent of your best summer ever. A nostalgic ode to cooking over the fire, secret swimming holes and the unending days of youth. Use it frequently, transport yourself, live the dream.

2.  L.L. Bean Boots ($99-$250)

The boot will be a loyal sidekick in any conditions:

-Keep your feet warm on your way to class on a snowday! (Who are we kidding no one goes to class on a snow day.)

-Keep your feet dry during one of those inevitable November monsoon tailgates. 

-Dive bar floors sticky with years of spilled beer are no match for the iconic Bean Boot

3.  Case of Coors Light

If we have to explain it we can’t help you.

4.  Bacon of the Month Club ($145.00)

As with the case of Coors Light, this one sells itself.

5.  Gobi Straps  ($19.99)

We admit we may be a little biased.  Allright.  A lot biased.  But we are pretty darn sure there isn’t a better stocking stuffer to be found.   Anywhere. 

And they fit right in with the smell of campfire, pair well with Bean Boots and they will sure come in handy with that case of Coors Light.  (Side Note:  Shut it.  We know they are twist-offs.)

And everyone else will be jealous of your awesome sunglass straps.  The ones with a bottle opener!  And that right there is the true measure of a great present.

So pick up a pair of Gobi Straps.  The only sunglass strap with an integrated bottle opener.


Merry Christmas,

The Gobi Strap Dudes


Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen


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