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7 Essential Spring Break Items -- And Don't Forget Your Sunglass Straps

by Gobi Straps February 28, 2014 3 Comments

Spring break is the best.  

A quick trip to the beach with one agenda -- fun and revelry in the sun!

The beach and bar don't demand much so the shopping list is short and sweet:

1.  Nothing will harsh your mellow like being caught out in that harsh sun without your sunglasses.  So bring your shades.

2.  Losing your sunglasses would suck.  So would finding yourself without a bottle opener in a time of need.  Lucky for you we have it covered with Gobi Straps -- the sunglass strap that married the bottle opener.

3.  Board shorts are lame.  So are public nudity citations.  Not that we would know.  Grab a pair of Patagonia Baggies before you head to the beach.  Do it proper with a pair of 5-inchers.

4.  When the sun goes down swap your swim trunks for a pair of Chubbies in some outrageous color.  It's not Spring Break if you aren't making a scene.

In the event some bro-hater insists on enforcing some "no-shoes, no-shirt, no-service" policy you may want to throw 5,6 and 7 in your bag too.

5.  A sleeveless USA shirt.  Cause 'Merica.

6.  Your trusty Polo shirt.  Cause you shouldn't leave home without it.

7.  Your well-worn Topsiders live to party.  How could you, in good conscience, leave these guys at home?

There you have it.  7 essentials.   Everything else is optional.  Now go forth and party. 

Happy Spring Break!

Gobi Straps
Gobi Straps


3 Responses


April 03, 2015

Saw my first pair of P&B britches while I was up vsitiing Ole Miss and have wanted a pair ever since! This giveaway would make my year!


March 30, 2015

I really wish they’d toilar the pants better on the men on their website I feel like they’re encouraging men to wear their pants like that!But I do still appreciate their line and guys wanting to wear some embroidered pants. Good luck, boys!


March 29, 2015

This candied fig is one of our and looks great all the way up or cufefd down. we gurantee money back in fifteen days if customers are not satisfied with our UGG boots.Free shipping if order two or more .

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