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Announcing: The War on Winter

by Gobi Straps March 10, 2014


This headline was the last straw.  We won’t stand for it any longer. 

With another bout of snow, ice and rain upon us we found ourselves pondering the following questions:

  • What’s holding up this global warming thing we keep hearing about?
  • Why can’t winter be voted off the island by simply denying her a flower at the rose ceremony?  (Oops.  Mixed up our reality TV metaphors.)
  • We can buy individual bags of M&Ms, Peanuts and Raisins.  We don't have to buy trail mix.  Why can’t we just buy life without winter?

It's not right.  And it's not fair.

Well whining never solved anything which is why we put our heads together and came up with a solution!

We're going to stick our head right in the sand.  From now on: Winter. Does. Not. Exist.

Ignorance is bliss right.  They say there is a fine line between insanity and genius.

In support of our new "Always-Summer" mindset we put a few new rules in place around the Gobi Straps office:  

Rule #1 -- Sunglasses and seersucker Gobi Straps are to be worn at all times.

Rule #2 -- Coats are forbidden.

Rule #3 -- If you show up in pants you will be instructed to go home and return in shorts.

Rule #4 -- Those wearing tank tops earn an extra 30 minutes for lunch.

Rule #5 -- If you are not wearing flip flops or topsiders you will be on the receiving end of some demerits.

We’re going to freeze?!  Please.  We are way ahead of you.

Rule #6--The thermostat is to be set at a balmy 85 degrees -- environment, ozone layer, Al Gore and energy bills be damned!


Want to do your part in the War on Winter?  It's easy.

Fact 1:  Winter hates seersucker.

Fact 2:  There is no better way to sport your seersucker than with a pair of Gobi Straps.

Indisputable Logical Conclusion?  Buy some Seersucker Gobi Straps to do your part in the War on Winter.*

Lucky for you new seersucker styles just hit the site.

*The War on Winter exists mostly in our minds and no proceeds from the sale of Gobi Straps will actually be donated to this cause.

Gobi Straps
Gobi Straps


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