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Pairing a Drink with Your Sunglass Straps – the Hot Toddy

by Gobi Straps March 28, 2014

5:00 can’t get here soon enough.  Am I right? 

Well don’t despair it will arrive eventually.  Hey -- if you live in London (you probably don’t) you are likely well into your second pint already.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

Spring is officially here…supposedly.  But in most parts of this great country we wouldn’t know it.  So while the drink of the week should be -- an ice cold domestic lager, pulled from a cooler filled with ice and insulated with your favorite koozie – it isn’t.  Because it’s not quite bbq season yet. 

We are really…really…really looking forward to bbq season.  Really.

While we wait for Spring weather to ride to the rescue thank heavens for the Hot Toddy.

Traditionally a Scottish preparation, the Hot Toddy lends itself well to the cold and the damp.  And those Scott’s know a thing or two about drinking. 

A simple mix of whiskey, honey and lemon will warm you up and cure what ails you.  You should have the whiskey and chances are you can steal the rest of the ingredients from your neighbor, roommate, girlfriend, sister or local hobo.

And since Grandma would probably recommend this as a cure for that nagging cough this is practically a health food.  So you can toss out that kale smoothie.  Gross!


2 oz whiskey (We like Jameson)

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 Teaspoon lemon (fresh is best)

4 oz Hot Water

Garnish:  Lemon slice and optional cinnamon stick

Optional:  Clove, Nutmeg, Cardamom & Cinnamon


Gobi Straps PairingPlaid Collection – because Tartan plaid fights off the cold and the damp and plays nice with the Hot Toddy.

Gobi Straps
Gobi Straps


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