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The Official Groomsmen Gift Guide

by Gobi Straps May 05, 2016

Spring time hits and wedding season is in the air.  Found your better half and decided to take the plunge?  You have, without a doubt, selected a handful of your best buddies (and the obligatory brother-in-law) to stand up next to you on your big day. These guys are shelling out big money to get you drunk on your bachelor party and to rent ill-fitting tuxedos to look nice on the wedding day.  The least you can do is give them some kick-ass groomsmen gifts.   

Without further ado here are 5 options for fail safe groomsmen gifts

1.  Gobi Straps

Can you imagine better wedding pictures that a bunch of your best buds in formal attire with matching seersucker sunglass straps?  How dapper!  And let’s be honest there is a much better chance the bride is going to let that fly in her pictures than a bunch of guys in mismatched Croakies.  

2.  Vineyard Vines Tie/Bowtie

A cool pop of color ensures that you won’t end up with boring wedding photos.  And no bride can argue these ties are anything but classy – “C’mon babe they’re from Vineyard Vines!”  Available here.

3.  The Engraved Flask

It’s a classic for a reason – a  great combination of aesthetics and utility.  During the pre-game festivities it will let your groomsmen keep up a solid buzz without drawing unwanted attention from the bride and her maid of honor/enforcer. And trust us -- that is something that is good for everyone.

4.  Framed Picture of the Groomsmen

With school, work, girlfriends, wives, children and other inconveniences who knows when the rat pack will get back together again.  Find that perfect picture from the bachelor party or one with all of you in your tuxes from the wedding and frame a copy for everyone. 

5.  A Straight Razor Barbershop Shave

Want everyone looking their best for your wedding?  Worried that everyone is going to look a little hungover from too much fun at the rehearsal dinner?  Drag everyone out of bed early and head to a barber shop for an old school straight razor shave.  Everyone will walk out looking, and feeling, like a million bucks. Available at Art of Shaving Barber Spas in most major cities. 

Gobi Straps
Gobi Straps


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