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Beers in Your Backpack -- Guide to Adventuring with Beer (and other fun beverages)

June 17, 2018

Beers in Your Backpack -- Guide to Adventuring with Beer (and other fun beverages)

 As seen from below -- a pale ale cooling down in a crystal clear alpine lake.  #snowmelt


We're on the record as saying there are few situations that aren't enhanced by a well deserved beer at days end.  

Never is this as true as when you drop your pack at the end of a long sweaty hike.  

Admittedly beer will never best whiskey in the weight/volume to impact test...but we've never subscribed to the whole ultra light backpacking thing.

We subscribe to the school of go have fun in the woods -- a little extra weight never hurt anyone.

That being said here are our list of things to consider and our favorite beverages for the backcountry.

Couple of Quick Tips:

  • Cans (they are lighter and more resistant to breaking in your pack than glass bottles.
  • High Octane -- If one 12 oz beer can do the job of 2 (or 3) that's just good sense.  Look for a beer with an abv over 6%.
  • Don't Drink Warm Beer -- look for an alpine lake, snowfield or cold creek to cool down those soon-to-be-frosty beverages while you set up camp.
  • You DON'T Have to Stick to Beer -- cider and canned wine have come a long ways and generally pack a pretty good punch.  1 can of wine = 1/2 bottle of wine.  That's efficiency.

Our Favorite Canned Beverages:

Oskar Blues 

These guys might be the original canned craft brew.  We've got a special place in our heart for:

Dales Pale Ale -- 6.5% ABV and available just about everywhere.  We love Dale's Pale Ale and this is probably our default backpack beer.

Ten Fidy -- 10.5% ABV and available all over the place.  As a side note they now offer a Barrel Aged Ten Fidy which comes in at an absurd 12.9% ABV.  Crazy!

Seattle Cider Company

These guys don't miss.  They offer up super dry ciders that don't follow the mold of the overly sweet swill that many companies push.  Their stuff ranges from 6.5% to 6.9% and definitely earns a place in our packs from time to time.

Underwood Wines

Straight out of Oregon this Company offers a fine Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Rose in a can.  Winemaking keeps evolving and these guys are at cutting edge of packaging.  If one member of your crew would prefer a nice glass of wine at days end make sure one of these makes it into your pack.  At 13% ABV this is an efficient way to do it.  1 Can = 1/2 Bottle just so you know.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

You're at the gas station a mile from the trailhead and realize you left your beer at home.  No worries!  Sierra Nevada is that quintessential great beer that has distribution EVERYWHERE and is bound to be available in the cooler section in the back.  At 5.6% ABV it will get the job done.

Shameless Plug:

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While you won't need that subtly integrated bottle opener in your Gobi Straps to open you backpack beer (because it's a can. duh!) our quick drying technical fabric will still take care of your favorite sunglasses on your adventure!

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