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Floating Sunglass Straps

Brown Trout -- Floaters

Floating Sunglass Straps are a Summer Essential...

You and your buddy have been planning this trip for weeks.  You both took the day off.  You got up before first light jumped in the car with your thermoses full of coffee and drove two hours down the highway before turning up a dirt road and bumping another 45 minutes up into the mountains.  You pull off and can hear the creek through the trees.  

You string up your fly rod with the perfect hopper-dropper setup.  The two of you are going to have the stream all to your selves.  You each throw a power bar and a beer into your fishing bags and set off through the woods.  You plunge into the crystal clear water and begin wading up stream.  

And then a mossy covered rock shifts under your weight and you crash down into the stream.  Water pours over the top of your waders. You steady yourself, stand up and assess.  You're OK.

But WAIT!  Your sunglasses...where are they?  Those unsecured glasses fell off your face and were instantly swept away.  Amateur mistake.  Now you have no polarized lenses to cut the glare on the surface to spot those big fish lurking in the depths or to protect your eyes from errant flies.  Day just took a turn for the worse.

We can't bring your sunglasses back but what we can do is protect your next pair with our floating sunglass straps.  And we even adorned this pair with some brown trout camouflage so the fish won't even see you coming.  Next time your glasses end up in the water (and you know they will) they will be right there bobbing on the surface where you can chase them down.

  • Action Adventure Foam -- Custom cut featherweight foam will keep your sunglasses right where they are supposed to be...floating on the surface.
  • Quick-Dry Fabric -- Performance 100% polyester fabric dry in a hurry so you don't have damp straps wrapped around your neck all day.
  • Unbridled Awesomeness -- Each pair is infused with an energy that will encourage adventure and questionable choices.  

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