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70s SouthWest -- Floaters

Floating Sunglass Straps are a Summer Essential...

You know that brief moment between the time that your friend shoves you off the end of the dock and you try to grab his shirt (but you miss) and when you hit the water?  You know the one...where you run through the mental checklist of all the stuff in your pockets...1) iphone, 2) wallet, 3) car key electronic fob.  SH!T.

Whatever.  All that stuff will dry out. Probably.

You know what won't dry out?  Your sunglasses that were hanging on your shirt collar and have long since settled into the muck 30 feet below.  They're perpetually wet.  And also gone forever.  Bummer.

Fortunately we've got a solution.  Our brand new floating sunglass straps.  Next time you find your self unexpectedly in a body of water your sunglasses will be floating safely right by your side.  


  • Action Adventure Foam -- Custom cut featherweight foam will keep your sunglasses right where they are supposed to be...floating on the surface.
  • Quick-Dry Fabric -- Performance 100% polyester fabric dry in a hurry so you don't have damp straps wrapped around your neck all day.
  • Unbridled Awesomeness -- Each pair is infused with an energy that will encourage adventure and questionable choices.  

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