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90s Neon -- Floaters

Floating Sunglass Straps are a Summer Essential...

Summer.  You decide to kill an afternoon by heading down to the swimming hole for a good ole session on the rope swing.  

You grab the lowest branch on the tree and swing your leg up and over.  Your buddy hands you the frayed water ski rope with the built in handle.  You awkwardly tuck it under your arm and climb the rest of the way up the tree with the branches service as easy ladder rungs.  

You're standing on the top branch one hand on the tree trunk the other holding the rope swing taking a moment to work up your nerve.  "This rope is pretty frayed.  Wonder how many years it has been hanging here? The ground looks hard. Better get a good launch" you think.  Summer boredom only leads to good decisions.

A little heckling from below sends you swinging out over the lake.  You mistime the release, miss the apex and flop awkwardly into the water with a gnarly back flop.  You know the kind that makes you instantly nauseous because it hurts so bad?

Well that's the least of your worries because you forgot to take off your sunglasses.  And they are definitely gone forever on the lake bottom somewhere.  And now not only is your back lobster-red you have to go the rest of the summer with nothing to save your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun.

Don't let this be you.  Pick up a pair of the best looking, most outrageous floating sunglass straps on the market.  Next time you fail to perfectly execute a rope swing your woes will end with the painful smack because your Gobi Straps will have your sunglasses floating right there next to you.


  • Action Adventure Foam -- Custom cut featherweight foam will keep your sunglasses right where they are supposed to be...floating on the surface.
  • Quick-Dry Fabric -- Performance 100% polyester fabric dry in a hurry so you don't have damp straps wrapped around your neck all day.
  • Unbridled Awesomeness -- Each pair is infused with an energy that will encourage adventure and questionable choices.  

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