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The Company

Gobi Straps Guys

A Little Bit About Us...

We're three brothers --  Matt, Pete and Dan -- we run Gobi Straps. (We're also the three dorks in the matching Hawaiian shirts--framed the picture for our mom for Christmas.)

We write the try-too-hard-emails, take the mediocre photography, pack the boxes and drive them to the post office.  

Our mission is to create "technical products for leisure pursuits" so whether you are sending big cliffs on your skis, navigating class 5 rapids in your raft, stringing up your hammock by the creek or taking on an especially sporty tailgate -- we have you covered.

We're chasing the American dream...the dream of quitting our 9-5s, drinking beer in the sun on a Wednesday (just because), and selling these glorious sunglass straps full time.  

It's a noble goal so we'll keep working on it 'til we get it.

Thanks for stopping by!


Matt, Pete & Dan -- The Gobi Straps Guys