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So…what exactly are Gobi Straps?

Gobi Straps originally was a line of sunglass retainers featuring a bottle opener. Now it's a brand that prides itself on providing performance products for leisure pursuits. 

Will they fit my sunglasses?

Probably. They are pretty darn versatile and have been tested on most major brands and popular styles. 

But guess what? There are sunglasses out there that you own that we've never even heard of. And thus, we can't make any guarantees. But we do promise that if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can return your straps for a full refund.

These are hard to get on my sunglasses!

Yes, at first, they are. But they're equally as hard to get off your sunglasses. And that's important when you are cliff diving, backpacking, rock climbing or just aggressively happy-hour-ing.

Since you know your shades best, here are some common hurdles to consider prior to purchasing:

Why would I want these?

What are these bad boys made of?

An 80/20 blend of fun and adventure.

All Gobi Straps (both Classics and Floaters) use a buttery soft high-performance, quick drying fabric*.

The Classic straps feature a zinc bottle opener to ensure strength for poppin' bottles but lightweight when worn around your neck.

The Floaters utilize an Action-Adventure, closed-cell foam to ensure that even the heaviest shades stay afloat.

Latex:  Gobi Straps contain latex. If you have a latex allergy please be mindful before purchasing and wearing Gobi Straps.

*Seersucker straps are made with 100% cotton seersucker fabric

What's the deal with shipping?

Live in the good ole' US of A?  Yes?

Then we will send you Gobi Straps your way for the price of "on the house" aka FREE.  It doesn't matter if you order one pair or twenty (Dude -- Order 20!).

We ship using the trusty United States Postal Service. 

Generally your Gobi Straps will be in the mail within 1 business day of ordering them.  The post office predicts a 4 day delivery -- but does NOT guarantee it. Just know we're working to get them to you as quickly as possible.

Patience is a virtue.  Though one that we often find ourselves short of.  So...we understand the eagerness and impatience associated with receiving your Gobi Straps order. 

Live somewhere other than the USA?

We'll send these bad boys to you for $12.99.  How long will it take?  Hard to say. There are a lot of variables including your country's customs process and domestic mail system.

Please do note that there may be additional costs associated with customs or tariffs.  This is not something we are able to help you with.

What's your return policy?

We support your right to make bad decisions.  Short of an extremely rare defect or the postal service destroying something in transit we cannot, for the life of us, figure out why you would choose to return these.

That said, you can send your Gobi Straps back for any reason within 30 days of receiving them.

Fair warning: Your refund will likely be provided with a hefty side of judgment. Life may seem a little less fun without your Gobi Straps.

Head HERE to find out how to start your return process.

Can I wash my GobiStraps?

Sure can. We recommend cold water, mild detergent followed by allowing them to hang dry (around your neck, if you can't wait!)

Can I be a Gobi Straps Ambassador?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: maybe. For obvious reasons, we can't let everyone be an ambassador or else this becomes a super rad charity but a non-functional business with a bleak future.

If you are interested in being an ambassador and think you embody the image and lifestyle of Gobi Straps, drop us a line on our Contact page. And use that opportunity to show us why - it should be infused with personality, what you are going to do to further the brand, link to your social with pics of you doing rad things and other stuff we can't think of.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

At our sole discretion, we occasionally offer bulk discounts for bachelorette parties, dude weekends, weddings, frat/sorority parties and the like. Use the contact page to put your plea forth to the tribunal.

In addition to the quality of your request, please consider that we need to assess how a bulk order will affect our overall business. If we say's not you, it's us.

Do you offer financing?

No. Unless your order is over $1,000,000. Then we'll figure out what exactly this means.

I have a different question/concern/comment…

There is no such thing as a stupid question! Ok, that's a lie.

However, we are committed to answering all questions -- stupid or otherwise.  Send us questions, comments, concerns, fan mail and hate mail to  A representative will be with you shortly.