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Colorado Flag -- Floaters

Floating Sunglass Straps are a Summer Essential...


One of summer's finest past times is gathering up a crew of your favorite humans, grabbing a bunch of inner tubes (1 for each person and a couple extras for the coolers) and floating down a river.  Bonus points for epic sunburns and life jacket tans.

One of the very real dangers of tubing is losing stuff in the river.  Once while tubing I lost my car key fob while 200 miles from home. On a Sunday.  True story.  Nearest dealerships were closed.  Problem was solved with one very expensive 5 hour tow truck ride sitting three abreast in the cab of a pick up truck with one very broad shouldered tow truck driver.  It was fairly awful.

You know what else would have been awful?  Losing my sunglasses on that float and having the harsh mountain sun in my eyes.  It didn't happen on that particular occasion which was fortunate because I really needed them while I sat around waiting for the tow truck.

But I digress.  My point is that we can make sure you never suffer the tragedy of a pair of sunglasses lost to the river bottom -- just grab a pair of our floating sunglass straps.  Drop your sunglasses while floating?  No problem they'll just bob right along next to you. 

Grab a pair of our Colorado Flag floating sunglass straps, show your state pride, and keep those sunglasses safe (and buoyant) through all of your summer mountain adventures.


  • Action Adventure Foam -- Custom cut featherweight foam will keep your sunglasses right where they are supposed to be...floating on the surface.
  • Quick-Dry Fabric -- Performance 100% polyester fabric dry in a hurry so you don't have damp straps wrapped around your neck all day.
  • Unbridled Awesomeness -- Each pair is infused with an energy that will encourage adventure and questionable choices.  

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