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Myles Silverman Signature Straps

Inspired by US Snowboarder Myles Silverman, the Signature Straps bleed red, white & blue (like Myles) and feature his signature in Gold (something he'll be signing for adoring fans from atop the Olympic podium). And for  each pair sold, we'll donate $10 to Myles' training & pursuit of the Olympic Dream. 

Myles The Dude 

Myles has been snowboarding since age 6, waiting for the day he was old enough to compete for the Stars & Stripes in the Winter Olympics. He's a six time National Champ; been invited to 3 FIS Junior World Championships; selected as Top 10 Sports Kid of the Year by Sports Illustrated for Kids (ever heard of it?!), and competed in the 2017 Universiade Games for Team USA.

When not participating in major events - shredding the competition - you might find him at his favorite mountain (Pucón, Chile) or at Hobart College, where he is currently a student. 

When pushed for a story that would let folks in on 'who' Myles is he gave us this gem: I was in Kazakhstan and I left the Athlete Village late at night and came back around 2am with my "coach" Cam. We got back to the village in a Kazakh Uber wrecklessly zipping in and out of traffic, before getting questioned by the Kazakh security at the gate. Needless to say it was worth it for the experience and US-Kazakh relations have never been better. We suspect we got the PG version. 

He's a guy who knows how to bust a** in training & send it on the mountain but isn't afraid to kickback and have a good time - a perfect partner for Gobi Straps. 


The man.

The myth.

The legend.

Ambassador Silverman improving US-Kazakh relations